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Heal Your Confidence  

Helping Neurodivergent Adults 
- Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Attention Differences, Autism -
Make Sense Of The World!

Please note:
We aim to ensure that you can access and benefit from all our content and services. If you require anything in a different format, please let us know!

We help you to find your power -
even against the odds. 


Are you feeling out of step with yourself or the world? Do you suffer from constant anxiety or hide your real self?

How we can help you

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Do you suspect that you think, learn and feel differently from other people?

Are you faced with long assessment waiting lists? 

"I feel validated and properly listened to…I no longer feel that my suspicions were purely my imagination..."

"...gave me a clearer picture of how some of my reactions to overstimulation aren’t my fault completely."

Are your worried about your wellbeing, relationships or job? 


"...such a relief to speak to someone who has such in-depth knowledge...I feel seen. I feel heard!!

"...thank you for...that session. It has really left me with an open mind and a lot of self-realisation."  

Are you passionate about finding your inner freedom and creating the future you want?


"I am most grateful to you...I can already see by the end of 3 months I will be in a different place."  

" much power and confidence.You don't know how grateful I am for you!" 

Additional support options

Are you are worried about or struggling with your studies or CPD requirements?

Are you struggling with chronic anxiety, trauma, disordered eating, tasks of daily living or addictions? 

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