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Neurodivergence Ambassador training

One of our priorities is to develop an accredited training programme for neurodivergent adults who wish to support other people who think, learn and feel differently in their own communities or places of work. 

Neurodivergence Ambassador Programme

Our accredited Ambassador courses will run over the space of 12 months, divided into modules. Modules can be studied in succession or on a modular basis, depending on your personal circumstances.

The course will include module literature, weekly virtual class and support session, individual support calls, assignments, 1:1 and group practice meetings, placements and two residential weeks. 

Details will be published in due course.

You can register your interest below.


Level 1 Ambassador:

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You are neurodivergent or have close family members who are

  • You are interested in supporting neurodivergent individuals in your work or personal life

  • You have limited or basic knowledge about neurodivergence

  • You have no formal qualifications related to supporting neurodivergent adults

  • You have only supported those with certain conditions up until now

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Level 2 Advanced Ambassador:

This course is ideal if:

  • You have successfully completed the basic level course

  • You have a comprehensive understanding of neurodivergence

  • You have extensive experience supporting neurodivergent adults

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