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12-Week Bespoke
Coaching Programme

    "Helping driven yet anxious neurodivergent professionals and entrepreneurs overcome self-doubt and develop trust in their own judgment, personally and professionally."


Maybe you are successful, but suffer from impostor syndrome?

Perhaps you are working long hours, putting in an incredible effort, and still others are ahead of you?


Potentially, you are constantly scanning your

environment for the next potential disaster, feeling drained after social encounters because you mask who you are?


Possibly, you are having many great ideas but lack drive or stick-to-it-ness, feeling out of step with yourself and your environment?

Coaching is for everyone who wants

to create goals and achieve them! 

Coaching allows you to explore how to use your thinking, learning & feeling differences to power

your ever-increasing sense of personal freedom

and professional development?

What is the goal of transformational coaching?  

The goal of my personal brand of transformational coaching is to help you to empower yourself to the point where my services become unnecessary by the end of the program.


Through our work together, you will cultivate personal power and inner freedom, allowing you to embrace your authentic self and leverage your neurodivergent talents for your advantage.


As a result, you will become unstoppable in pursuing both your personal and professional dreams.

Happy Clients


"Thank you, Kassandra, for so much power and confidence. You don't know how grateful I am for you!" 

Marta (designer)

"I'm most grateful to you for the time and help. I can already see by the end of the 3 months I will be in a different place... I need this coaching." Vanessa (Administrator and life-long learner)

MB's coaching story

"I was facing significant challenges in my life as a neurodivergent autistic individual.


Often these issues would blind-side me completely and I was never sure what I needed to do to address them. After a lot of research on LinkedIn I found Kassandra...Her approach was very refreshing.


She helped me with structuring all aspects of my life and encouraged reflection exercises, for example around aspects for which I was still carrying trauma.


She identified gap areas and worked with me to build my confidence. She's a very sharp and logical explainer of why people behave in certain ways and what are typical human expectations in situations.


She helped me understand the 'why' behind a lot of my issues and with tools that I could follow in such situations.


She also gave me powerful tools if affirmation, breathing exercises and journaling that helped me built my confidence.


By implementing her suggestions I found that people now react very differently to me. I have recovered my career in another, even more lucrative job.


I am genuinely surprised by my turnaround in confidence and ability to work with other people. Kassandra has had the biggest role in helping pull out of the lowest point in my life." MB (tech engineer)

Need more information?

5 free discovery session available
as part of the launch


What is a Discovery Session?


A discovery session with me is  completely free. It is an informal opportunity to learn how my transformational coaching can help you overcome self-doubt, grow successfully into your own skin and achieve your personal and professional dreams.

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