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Am I neurodivergent?

  • As a child, did you feel different from other children your age?

  • Do you find it challenging to make sense of abstract  ideas?

  • Is reading, writing or spelling hard for you? 

  • Do you trouble processing information at the same speed as your peers?

  • Do you struggle to understand your own mind - are you a puzzle to yourself?

  • Do you face difficulties in accomplishing tasks?

  • Are you challenged by tasks requiring dexterity?

  • Are often drained after social encounters?

If you answer any of these questions with yes, you may be neurodivergent. 

Lived experiences

We have gathered some examples of neurodivergent people's experiences and needs and how we can help support them.


Click on the box and then on each tab in turn. 

Please note: strengths and weaknesses are not gender specific.

pexels-free young white guy.jpg

I'm Dyslexic

My name is Ben. I've always hated reading and writing and avoided it wherever I could. I dropped out of education at 16, but now I would like to go back to college. 

pexels-free Asian woman.jpg

 I was diagnosed with ADHD

My name is Emma. My attention issues were known to my family since I was small but I wasn't assessed because I didn't cause havoc in school.
My boss knows about ADHD and arranged for me to see a specialist when I was 25. 


pexels-free young guy.jpg

I am autistic

My name is Adam. I have long embraced my autism as my gift. I am happy most of the time being me.  I have good friends and I do things I love.

free pexel black woman.jpg

I am dyspraxic

My name is Angel. In my family and friendship circle I am well-known for being clumsy but I never knew I was dyspraxic until I had difficulties with my undergraduate assignments.
I did not know a person could have cognitive dyspraxia.

Overlapping conditions.JPG

Neurodivergence with conditions overlap

Over 50% of neurodivergent people have more than conditions, sometimes several?
Click the tabs for more information. 

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