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Personalised Guidance to Unlock Your Unique Potential

We provide tailored support for neurodivergent adults. From pre-assessment screenings to tools for daily tasks, relationships and work, receive assistance at your pace, on demand.

Our Team

All team members are either neurodivergent or have neurodivergent children. We understand and empathise with your personal and professional challenges and triumphs.

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Kassandra Clemens

Level 7 Specific Learning Differences Specialist & Transformational coach

Kassandra is dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic and has combined attention differences. She has worked with neurodivergent students for 17 years and offers a 12-week coaching plan.

Kassandra Clemens.jpg

Philipp Grote

Integrative Counsellor

Philipp is dyslexic. He has 11 years of experience and was trained in a solution-focused, trauma-informed approach. He is also an artist!

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Sarah Williams

Person-Centred Trained Counsellor

Sarah has an autistic family member. She has 12 years of experience specialising in areas of trauma, mental health recovery and education.

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John Dunford

Trained Neurodivergence Specialist

John is dyslexic. He has 14 years of experience and specialises in higher and further education. He is also an outdoor enthusiast!

Our Services

Pre-Assessment Screenings

Tired of the long diagnosis waiting lists? Unsure about getting a diagnosis? Our screenings assess your “conditions”, providing clarity, assurance and concrete steps forward.


Concessions available subject to arrangement


  • Format: Video call

  • Duration: 30-90 minutes

  • Preparation: Brief online questionnaire

  • Outcome: A GP referral letter for potential "condition" or crossover "conditions", problem-focused solutions

On Demand Support Sessions

Worried about daily life tasks, well-being, relationships or work? Our multidisciplinary specialists are here to offer tailored guidance for your unique needs.

Video Consultation
£60 per hour

Concessions available subject to arrangement


  • Format: Video call

  • Duration: 1 hour per session

  • Frequency: One-off or multi-bookings

  • Goal: Simple but impactful solutions

  • Method: Person-centred, solution-oriented

12-Week Coaching Programme

Eager to explore your inner potential and shape your future? Join our transformative coaching programme developed by our founder for self-discovery and lasting changes.


Payment plans available, concessions subject to arrangement


  • Format: Weekly video calls and ongoing communication

  • Goal: Develop and practice realistic strategies to overcome self-doubt and achieve your objectives

Complementary discovery call

An informal opportunity to learn about each other and whether we are a good fit to achieve the goals

What Our Clients Say

For the first time since I began this journey of self-discovery after my daughter’s diagnosis two years ago, I feel validated and properly listened to. Your referral letter has gone a long way towards putting my mind at rest, as I no longer feel that my suspicions were purely my imagination.


Screening for Autism

After recently being diagnosed with ADHD, it was such a relief to speak to someone who has such in-depth understanding, even down to articulating the thought process for things that make absolute sense to me, but look so weird to others. I feel seen. I feel heard!


On demand support sessions

Kassandra helped me structure all aspects of my life and understand the 'why' behind my issues. I have tools to follow like affirmation, breathing exercises and journaling. I am genuinely surprised by my turnaround in confidence and ability to work with other people.


12-week coaching programme

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