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Neurodivergence is defined as natural variations in how people process information and experiences. Neurodivergent individuals think, learn, and perceive the world a bit differently because their brains are organized differently. Neurodivergent contributions are essential for human progress and integral to the healthy development of any civilization. Advocating for neurodiversity means respecting these variations as inherent qualities of humanity that contribute valuable strengths and perspectives.

In our society, most neurodivergent children are expected to fit into outdated educational paradigms. Lack of acceptance and understanding of natural variations in how children process information and experience the world leads to lowered self-esteem, reduced self-confidence and wellbeing, underachievement, and undue pressure to succeed against the odds.


Here at Heal Your Confidence, we encourage you to

  • be yourself!

  • process what has happened to you

  • explore your reactions and feelings about yourself and the world around you.

  • Together, we find effective and empowering ways forward.

Am I neurodivergent? 

Expressions of Neurodivergence (Conditions)

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