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Screening for One specific condition with consultation
This option allows time to explore strategies and support tailored to your needs.
Our experienced neurodiversity specialist will guide you through the relevant questionnaire and provide a personalized summary.

Preparation: brief online questionnaire

Location: Zoom or another convenient communication platform

Duration:60 minutes
Cost: £60

What people have said

"Thank you so much Kassandra. This has been so helpful and I am extremely grateful for your time today. As discussed, for the first time since I began this journey of self-discovery after my daughter’s diagnosis two years ago, I feel validated and properly listened to. Thank you again.

Your referral letter has gone a long way towards putting my mind at rest, as I no longer feel that my suspicions were purely my imagination... thing you said to me during our really helpful when dealing with family members/colleagues who tend to be somewhat cynical about mental health issues, or even physical health issues....Thank you so much for this important nugget of wisdom. It has really helped."

Susan, Screening for Autism, with support

"Thank you so much for that! And thank you for your time and that session. It has really left me when an open mind and a lot of self-realisation.

Since our session on Saturday, you have left me really pondering my life, my preferences and my choices. I believe I have a long way to go, but you have guided me to the right place and I hope to hopefully get the help I need to be able to manage my symptoms. I appreciate you and all your help."

Samira,  Screening for Attention Differences (ADHD), with support


"I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for today and for offering the screening...  I would 100% like to book in a follow up support session with you. It's so strange but I have felt like a bit of a weight has been lifted already and reading through your story on your website really resonated with me. 

Cathryn, Screening for Attention Differences (ADHD), with support


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