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Pre-assessment Screenings* for Neurodivergence
Amidst the prolonged waiting times within the NHS and the financial barriers associated with private assessments, our screenings offer an efficient and cost-effective alternative. These pre-assessment screenings* are specifically designed to identify neurodivergence-related risk factors, conditions, or broader issues. By applying validated questionnaires and our extensive expertise in supporting neurodivergent adults, we provide a practical and timely solution, delivering invaluable insights and essential support.
Why book a screening?

You want to gain insights into suspected neurodivergence and its potential for positive life changes.

You can't afford an assessment or waiting lists are too long.

You are not satisfied with an existing diagnosis or feel it does not cover all of what you experience.

Ready to get started?

 One condition screening
with consultation

Multiple conditions screening
with consultation

Please note: *

You need a full assessment to access​ Medication and Disabled  Student Allowances and Access to Work scheme (UK).​  If in doubt, contact us to discuss your needs.  

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