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Life hacks for developing self-confidence -
even against the odds

Our neurodiversity specialist creates a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. Together, we'll find ways to overcome challenges you currently face. Potential discussion topics include:

  • Understanding your neurodivergence

  • Building self-confidence

  • Developing coping strategies

  • Improving relationships

  • Creating a plan of action

What people have said

"Kassandra is such a breath of fresh air! After recently being diagnosed with ADHD, it was such a relief to speak to someone who has such in-depth understanding, even down to articulating the thought process for things that make absolute sense to me, but look so weird and abstract to others. I feel seen. I feel heard!

Thank you for dedicating your time and resources to helping others with this struggle and also, being able to view the challenges in a positive light." 

Vanessa (England) 

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